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How to donate to Ukrainian causes

Here, we explore how you can safely and effectively donate to Ukrainian causes. Read on to find out more…

How to donate to Ukrainian causes

How to donate to Ukrainian causes

Following Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, there was an outpouring of global support for Ukraine. People were appalled by footage of the conflict in Kyiv and they desperately wanted to help Ukrainian causes. Unfortunately, this terrible war is ongoing and your continued support is still essential. In fact, after recent waves of Russian missile strikes on Ukraine, it’s needed now more than ever.

But, what is the best way to donate to Ukrainian causes? How can you ensure your financial donations, goods or volunteering efforts reach the people and organizations who need them most?

Here, we explore how you can safely and effectively donate to Ukrainian causes. Read on to find out more…

Do your research first

Before making a charitable donation, it’s really important to check that your chosen charity is legitimate. Always make sure a charity is legally registered and regulated to assure that your donation is accounted for. And exercise caution when responding to emails or texts, or clicking on links in them.

Explore an organization’s website and don’t be afraid to get in touch with a charity or find out more about them online to gain an understanding of how they spend their funds. For charities working inside Ukraine, you can ask how donations will be processed and utilized in a rapidly changing situation. Legitimate charities always operate in a transparent way, giving donors regular updates on how their funds are being used.

The bottom line is to ensure that a charity is genuine before giving away any of your financial information.

Donate to charities in Ukraine

Consider donating to charities on the ground in Ukraine. Charities working in Ukraine are living through this conflict and know where and how to offer practical humanitarian aid. They have local connections and understand Ukraine’s infrastructure.

Ukrainian charity funds like D&S Ukraine can respond quickly and provide help where it’s needed most. Even a small donation can make a significant difference.

Supporting humanitarian NGOs coordinated by the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) is another reliable way to donate to Ukraine. The DEC is made up of 15 organizations that are vastly experienced in delivering humanitarian aid in war zones. DEC members include Oxfam, Christian Aid, World Vision and Save the Children.

Help countries receiving Ukrainian refugees

It also makes sense to donate to countries surrounding Ukraine who are taking in Ukrainian refugees. Charities throughout Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania and Slovenia are working to support the huge numbers of refugees who have fled Ukraine during the last year.

Organizations like Polish Humanitarian Action and the International Rescue Committee in Poland, and People in Need in the Czech Republic are focused on helping Ukrainian refugees.

The UN Refugee Agency and Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) are also supporting displaced people in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries.

Check before donating supplies

Essential items such as clothes, sanitary products and first aid are sometimes requested by organizations. However, before sending supplies to Ukraine it’s a good idea to check published lists created by charities to see what is actually needed. Well intentioned but unnecessary items can block Ukraine’s supply chains and prevent medical and food supplies from getting through. Your gifts may not reach their intended recipients.

Often, a monetary donation to a legally registered charity is a more effective way to help vulnerable people in Ukraine.

Think twice about informal fundraising appeals

Sometimes individuals appeal for donations on social media, crowdfunding sites or fundraising platforms. Although these appeals may be legitimate, it’s important to remember that giving to informal fundraising appeals means your donation may not be spent in line with the legal framework for charities or used in the way you hope it will be.

It’s also possible that some social media and crowdfunding appeals could be scams. Again, make sure you carefully research the individual or group requesting funding.

Support Ukraine’s media

Media in Ukraine continues to operate despite the challenges it faces. Donating to Ukraine’s media helps Ukrainians and global supporters to stay informed and prevents the spread of false information.

Since the Russian invasion last year, a European media coalition including The Fix Media, Are We Europe, Jnomics, and the Media Development Foundation and other media partners, is working to support media efforts in Ukraine. They accept donations and also have a GoFundMe page.

You can also support the reporting of the Kyiv Independent – Ukraine’s English language media outlet and Zaborona, a Ukrainian independent online media resource.

Offer your services as a volunteer

Helping Ukraine as a volunteer is another powerful way to help Ukrainian causes. Your time and knowledge has value and you don’t have to live in Ukraine to offer voluntary support. Many charitable organizations are looking for remote support for Ukraine.

From mentoring refugees in your own country, to providing skills in language translation or administration, Ukraine depends on a wide range of services from volunteers during this conflict. You could also organize or participate in fundraising initiatives for Ukraine.

Businesses can donate and support

Corporate support and funding is also very important for Ukraine. Companies can partner with Ukrainian charities to share their expertise or provide financial donations. Fundraising initiatives such as donating a percentage of sales or sponsoring Ukrainian programs or events are an effective way to help Ukrainian causes too.

Donate space in your home

Finally, you could help displaced Ukrainian families by donating space in your home. Since last February more than 8 million people have left Ukraine and are now living as refugees throughout Europe. Refugees need safe and comfortable places to live, along with local support to help them integrate successfully in host countries.

Please consider donating space in your home if you have the resources to do so. Countries have various home support schemes available. For example, the United Kingdom has a Homes for Ukraine programme and it’s also possible to sponsor a Ukrainian family in the United States.

Final thoughts…

We hope we’ve given you some useful ideas of how to donate to Ukrainian causes. This illegal invasion can sometimes feel insurmountable, but together we can make a difference and help Ukraine to thrive again. It all begins with empathy and a desire to help.

If you have any further questions about the war in Ukraine or how to donate safely and effectively, please feel free to contact our friendly team.

Best wishes
Team D&S Ukraine

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