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Estonia election win for pro-Ukraine Kaja Kallas


Estonia's Reform Party, led by prime minister Kaja Kallas, secured a landslide victory in the country's general election on 5th March...


Estonia’s Reform Party, led by prime minister Kaja Kallas, secured a landslide victory in the country’s general election on 5th March.

Kaja Kallas has played a key part in eastern EU members’ resistance to Russian aggression. This result confirms Estonia’s support for Ukraine and reflects concerns among some voters over rising living costs following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Commenting on Twitter, Prime Minister Kallas said: “The landslide result at Estonia’s elections makes me grateful and humble at the same time. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It also shows that Estonians overwhelmingly value liberal values, security founded on EU and NATO, and firm support to Ukraine.” 

Estonia election puts pressure on Russia

Kallas’ liberal Reform Party secured 31.5% of votes, with the far-right EKRE party coming second place with 16.1%. If successful in forming a coalition government, Kaja Kallas could confirm Estonia’s pro-European stance, continuing to accept Ukrainian refugees and adopting more green energy.

Kallas said the Estonia election left her party in a strong position to form a coalition government that would continue to put pressure on Russia.

Speaking to reporters at a hotel in central Tallinn, she commented: “We … have to invest in our security, our aggressive neighbour has not vanished and will not vanish, so we have to work with that,”


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